This is the personal blog of Quyen Nguyen. He’s a chemical engineer, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. He was born in Vietnam, came to the States during his teenage years, and is currently working and living in Houston, TX area in the oil and gas industry.

With interest in graphic design and web development, he puts this site together during his free time. He reluctantly admits that it was a lot of fun. He also knows some chemical engineering stuff, like valves, and pumps, and pressure relief devices. Yes, hard hats are nice and being safe is good.

He also likes math, philosophies, cookies, raybans, fountain pen, and calligraphy. He’s new to twitter so send him cookies @q_vn.

Lastly, even though Quyen talks to himeself frequently when alone, he does not address himself in third person. Though he enjoys addressing himself in third person. So he get to feel important. That’s always nice.



This blog is powered by Jekyll, the lightest blog engine on earth, hosted on Github Pages, with editing help from Prose. And thanks to Micheal Rose @mademistake.


Quyen likes to think he’s smart but he’s only average. For all his articles related to chemical engineering practices that are technical in nature, everyone, especially other engineers, should read them with critical minds. Use good engineering judgements at all times.

There are no perfect engineers, but the good ones always question everything, learn everyday, and give constructive criticism as well as knowing how to take them.

Quyen is fluent English well enough that “being a foreigner” is no longer an excuse for his grammar and spelling mistakes. He makes those mistakes because he’s an engineer (apologies to all the engineers offended by this). Please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes.